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Women and depression


Women and depression


Women depression. There is a basic difference between men and women nature. By nature women are kinder, sentimental and polite in nature than men. One of the best documented gender gaps involves is mood disorder known as depression ( Women depression).

Women depression.Women likely develop major depression twice as likely as men. They usually have higher rates of seasonal effective disorder, depressive symptoms in bipolar disorder, and chronic depression (dysthymia).

It is indistinct why a gender gap exists in depression. Women are more diagnosed with mental disorder whereas men are fewer feelings and seek mood problems. Depression shows up in men in different ways like abuse or violent activities. Women are more susceptible to harm from life stresses and other environmental factors.

Gender gap Theories( Women depression)

Depression in women and men develops by Genetic vulnerability, hormones, and ecological stress.  However Researchers have limited success in identifying biological factors that make women more susceptible to depression.

Genes: – A studies in twins have same genes have suggested that genetics may account about 40% of the risk for major depression. Certain genetic changes associated with the development of severe depression happen only in women.

Hormones: – The gender difference in depression primarily emerges at youth.  Studies has shown higher occurrence in girls at the age of eleven. The hormonal changes that go with menstruation can bring mood changes similar to those that occur in depression.  Some women are susceptible in developing depression after giving birth or during the long transition to menopause.  In a woman’s life hormone levels fluctuate wildly happen in two stage.  Estrogen causes greater vulnerability to depression in women. It is believe that hormonal fluctuations may render individual women more vulnerable to depression at certain periods of life maybe by interacting with other factors like stress.

Stress: – Public surveys have shown that women are more stress than men .  Women experience certain kinds of severe stresses like child sexual abuse, adult sexual assaults, and domestic violence.

Other factors: – In some research it is suggested that women may be more ruminate over events than men and are more porne to anxiety. This may dispose some women to depression.

Treatment options (Women depression)

Treatment of depression in women and men is the same. Doctors generally use three phase treatment for depression.

  • Acute phase: – The doctor fixed a goal to relieve symptoms in case of acute phase of depression which generally last for six to twelve weeks.
  •  Continuation phase: – This phase last for several months. In this case doctor fixed a goal to maximize improvements. At this stage doctor uses the adjustments to the dose of a medication.
  •  Maintenance phase:-in this case doctor aims to prevent deterioration. Hence in this period the dose of a drug is lowered and given more attention in psychotherapy.

The Exceptional differences in life experience, temperament, and biology make treatment complex.  No single treatment is accurate for all people. Combination of medication and therapy are beneficial according to the experts.

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