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Water born disease and water pollution


Water born disease and water pollution



Be aware of  Water born disease. Water if life, no waters no life. Our body contains around 65% of water and in case of infant in it around 75%. So water plays very important role in our body. Now what type of water should our body contains obviously it is pure and hygiene water. Unhygienic water makes us sick and produces much kind of diseases like diaries, typhoid and so on. Adequate supply of fresh and clean drinking water is the basic need of human beings on the earth.

Fresh water in the world(Water born disease)

Studies in the water resources reveal that 97% of the water available in earth is salt water and only 3% water of the earth is fresh water naturally.  Among these fresh water two third of it is in  frozen state like glacier and polar water. Out of available 33% of fresh water, 30% is found as ground water and 3% are found in lakes, river swamps.

This indicates how much important is to preserve fresh water? Human activities have degraded the quality of water knowingly or unknowingly.  The existence of fresh water threatened by the human activities like over exploitation and poor management.Hence the consequence is the ecological degradation. The use of fresh water in Industrial growth, urbanization and the increasing use of synthetic organic substances commonly have adverse impacts on freshwater.

In case of developed countries problems of chemical discharge into the water sources mostly groundwater whereas in developing countries face problems of agricultural run-off in water sources.

Groundwater and its contamination(Water born disease)

Mainly the water is contaminated by heavy metals, persistent organic pollutants, and nutrients. This contamination produces adverse effect on human health.  Inadequate and incompetent management of water resources are the main cause of Water-borne diseases .

Water availability should sustain fair and equal distribution of water to all society so that all should get clean water . Generally urban areas have a higher coverage of safe water than the rural areas.

Most common cause of water contamination in urban area is leaky water pipe joints in areas where the water pipe and sewage line pass close together.

In case of ground water the contamination occur from the Pesticides, Sewage, Nutrients, Synthetic organics, Acidification,


This source of contamination comes from   farms, backyards, and golf courses. It contains like DDT that makes water contaminated.


Untreated or inadequately treated municipal sewage is a major things that pollute groundwater as well as and surface water.  It contains organic material uses significant oxygen for biological degradation. Hence it disturbs the ecological balance of rivers and lakes. Besides that Sewage also carries microbial pathogens which spread of disease.


phosphorus and nitrogen are present in Domestic waste water, agricultural run-off, and industrial effluents.  Fertilizer run-off, manure from livestock increase the level of nutrients in water bodies and causes eutrophication in the lakes and rivers and consequently to the coastal areas. Excessive use of fertilizers causes nitrate contamination in groundwater which increases nitrate levels in drinking water at its higher level.

Synthetic organics

 Persistent organic pollutants spread most harmful element in the ecosystem and human health.  Like industrial chemicals and agricultural pesticides and pollutes ground water.  In this way it harms human health.

Acidification: – the Acidification of surface water such as lakes and reservoirs is among the major environmental impacts which transport air pollutants to long distance. These are Sulphur dioxide from power plants, heavy industries.

Chemicals in drinking water

The presence of chemicals in drinking water either naturally or through human activity has serious impact in human health.


higher levels of Florid in drinking water have adverse impact in human health.


Higher concentrations of arsenic in water have adverse impact inhuman health.

 Disease(Water born disease)

Infected or polluted water are the main source of many diseases.  It says that water born disease is mostly intestinal diseases.

Pathogens include virus, bacteria, protozoa, and parasitic worms.  These diseases occur mostly due to the poor sanitary conditions. mostly the Polluted water is the main transporting agent of these pathogens. It  easily interfuses directly through persons handling food and water. Since these diseases are highly infectious.

So an  extreme care and hygiene should be maintained by people looking after an infected person.   Water-borne diseases like Hepatitis, cholera, dysentery, and typhoid are the most common that affect large populations in the tropical regions. So Every measure should be taken to prevent water body out of pollutants.





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