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some tips to make Teeth healthy


some tips to make Teeth healthy


Teeth are one of the most important parts of the body. It helps in eating any diets. It is just like grinding and crushing machine of our body. So it is very important to care of teeth. Good care of it help us to live a long life.   to keep our  teeth healthy it is very important to develop a good habit dental care. It can be done by making some daily routine such as performing decent oral cleanliness, eating a healthy food, and expert advice and help when needed. Some of the way by which we can maintain our teeh condition better are as below.

  1. Clean your teeth in morning and evening every day

1.1.  It is very essential to brush every day. Take at list 2 minute time in brushing so that all surface (front and back)  of the teeth get clean.

1.2.             Let your children know best oral hygiene habits.

1.3.             Choose soft bristled brush. If possible change the brush at three month.

1.4.             Regular brushing give you healthy, pain-free and make your breath fresh.

1.5.             Does not brush too soon after brush the teeth only after half an hour because your teeth may be acidic and enamel of this may be temporarily softer?

  1. Use fluoride toothpaste.

2.1.             Teeth enamel is one of the very important coats of it. To protect is very essential. One of the best ways to protect this is the use of fluoride. The use of fluoride helps to protect the enamel of the teeth and at the same time it helps to get  less cavities. Be sure your tooth paste contains at least 1,350 – 1,500 ppm.

2.2.             Toothpastes which contain less than 1,000 ppm of fluoride may be ineffective to protect your teeth.

3 Flossing

3.1. Flossing helps to cleans the surfaces between the tooth. This is important   because you cannot clean your dental effectively with your toothbrush. As a result, if you don not floss, sustenance, plaque, and germs build up there.

3.4.             To clean your teeth better way it is better to use either 30 cm of floss or an inter dental cleaner. Clean it by inserting it among it and also curve it around it one by one. You also need to Move it up and down sideways of the tooth. and

3.5.             One can use  picks also instead of  if floss

3.6.             It is required to do this genially otherwise the gum of teeth may bleed.

  1. Use mouthwash.

Mouthwash containing fluoride in it is more helpful in making the teeth better. Use of fluorides mouth washes after brushing and flossing, in reach the enamel of all surfaces of it. Better to Swish the mouthwash in your mouth for at list 2 minutes will help to coat all areas of the teeth.

4.4.             If some infection Chlorhexidine are used to get rid of bacteria

4.5.             A solution of salt can be the natural remedy.

4.6.             One thing to be taken into consideration that you should not swallow the mouth wash. It may give some trouble in your stomach.

  1. Brush or rub the tongue.

The surface of the tongue is uneven. This implies sustenance particles and microorganisms regularly get wedged there. Later this turns into a source of microscopic organisms and get exchanged to your teeth.

5.1.         You can brush tenderly or tongue scrubber. Some toothbrushes even have a harsh, rubbery patch on the back which you can use for this reason.

5.2.         Scrape delicately with the goal that you don’t harm the tongue.

  1. Don’t smoke.

Smoking will color teeth yellow and may exhibit terrible bad breath, and make you more inclined to get gum sickness or mouth.

6.1.         Get backing from companions, family, or a care group

6.2.         Avoid circumstances where you chronically smoke

6.3.         Call a hotline when you are having longings

6.4.         Talk to your specialist or see an addictions guide

6.5.         Try nicotine substitution treatment














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