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Some significant methods to Stay Depression Free


Some significant methods to Stay Depression Free


Some significant methods to Stay Depression Free. With proper treatment one can beat depression but the returning of the situation of sadness and other issues can return or its symptoms.  Healthy habits like dumping the booze, receiving more vitamin D or keen yoga help and talking with experts about the natural ways to manage moods one can overcome of their depression.

So after months of fighting depression one can feel normal again. Your doctor or therapist has specified you tools for staying positive once you realize the warning signs of depressive affair. Get help as soon as you intellect them. Dr. Manevitz says Healthy living is an important part of self-care. Right eating provides appropriate nutrition to the brain cell and so the brain works properly. Here are some of the best changes in your lifestyle that can keep you feeling at your best. Some significant Methods to Stay Depression Free

  1. Lose the booze.Stay Depression Free

As we all have experience all days does not remain same. Ups and down situation in life is normal. But in case of some people who are in chronic depression uses to take alcohol to self-medicate or to get away from that situation. Intake of alcohol releases neurotransmitters which temporarily makes you feel better and after some time you will be in the same stage and the consequence could be that you need larger amounts. So this will not solve your situation rather it will worsen your condition that is it will create more depressant on your central nervous system. If you are taking antidepressants, the intake of alcohol can increase their side effects.  It will make you drowsy, more intoxicated, causing a blood pressure spike. According to Mayo Clinic this could lead to a stroke.

  1. Work up a sweat.Stay Depression Free

Jasper Smits, Ph.D., director of the Anxiety Research and Treatment Program at Southern Methodist University in Dallas says Exercise is beneficial for mental well-being. It helps in the recurrence of mild to moderate depression or helps to overcome from an episode. Exercise can supplement traditional treatments of severe depression plus psychotherapy or antidepressant medication. Smits says Productive improves your mood.  It is suggested that physical activity may act as a form of behavioral activation, depression treatment strategy that encourages people to be productive rather than inactive.

3. Eat like a Spaniard.Stay Depression Free

A study at 2009 (Spanish study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry)suggest that  Mediterranean diet is related with lower depression risk.  These diets have heart-healthy benefits. It reduces inflammation, improving blood vessel function and decreasing the risk of metabolic syndrome. And hence plays a role in keeping the brain fit. This type of food consist mostly fresh fruits , vegetables, whole grains, olive oil, beans, fish, poultry, nuts and low-fat dairy.

  1. Get yourself active (Stay Depression Free)

Too much rest can worsen your mood.  Depression can keep you from sleeping through the night, according to the National Sleep Foundation. People with consistent insomnia could have closely 10 times more substantial depression and could develop 17 times more anxiety ( a study at 2005, University of North Texas). So someone have trouble in sleeping talk to your doctor or a sleep expert so you can get the 7-9 hours you need.

  1. Get more vitamin D.(Stay Depression Free

Deficiency of vitamin D has link to depression. Sadness increases when days get shorter and less sunlight since the primary source of vitamin D is sunlight. So the best food in shorter day and less sunlight is   salmon, sardines, tuna, mackerel and cod, D-fortified milk and a few other foods. These foods contains nutrient. Michael F. Holick (Vitamin D expert)   professor of medicine, molecular medicine physiology and biophysics at Boston University Medical Center thinks adults actually need 1,500-2,000 IU of vitamin D per day.

  1. Meditation or yoga Stay Depression Free

Meditation or yoga is also one of the ways to concentrate your mind and soul.  It relaxes you from the stresses. So it is believed that yoga could help to fight with your depression.

A research was conducted in Boston University at School of Medicine (published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine in 2007) where participants were carried three hours a week of walking or practicing yoga.

At the end of the study the when scanned the result shows higher GABA levels in the participants who had practiced yoga. According to researcher yoga boosts the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system which is associated with rest and rejuvenation.

  1. Practice Meditation 

A form of meditation transcendental meditation (TM) where mentally repeat a sound is done had less depression symptoms than those who didn’t. As per a researchers who presented two studies at a 2010 meeting of the Society of Behavioral Medicine.

those who has  clinical depression when practice this form of meditation twice a day for a year had 48% reduction the  symptoms for about 50percent.This form of meditation is not only fruitful to decrease psychological stress but it is also fruitful in reducing a personal reactions to environmental stress and reduce the amount of threatening about problems. It also have positive affect on serotonin. Here people feels relax and good feeling.

  1. Be cool living.Stay Depression Free

  2. Mental stress is one of the reasons which make people restless. So it is not good for health to be too much mental stress. Because it can harm the ability to maintain a stable mood. Stress overload bearing capacity varies by person. Some cannot function outside a calm environment whereas others may do fine in stressful conditions too.

    9. Change your habit. Stay Depression Free

    Changing your bad habits like smoking, taking unhealthy diets and taking too much stresses can help a lot to get away from depression. People who smoke have greater chance of developing depression than those who do not smoke. According to a research published in published in 2008 in the British Journal of Psychiatry those who smoke 20 cigarette per day have double risk of getting depression than those who do not smoker. Among them 15% of the smokers went on to develop major depression whereas 6.5% of the non-smokers did develop depression.

    10. Build a support system.Stay Depression Free

A study published in American Journal of Psychiatry women who get more love and have more support from friends and family members face lower risk for major depression. So the people who care you can help in the tough time can prevent you from getting depression. Getting relaxed from your depression you should not isolate yourself. Spend your time with loved one and with your family. In this case support groups, social clubs and interest-based organizations can help you out of your shell.




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