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Slash Your Risk of Deadly Prostate Cancer

An enlarged prostate can give a lot of trouble to the patient. A patient having enlarged prostate could have urinary infections, bladder stones, bleeding. So it is necessary to have a proper test of your prostate because sometimes patient may not have any problem. Patient enlarged prostate must be examined to ensure the symptoms are stable, and the bladder empties well.   The prostate is examined by symptom questionnaires and measuring strength of the urinary stream (flow test) and remaining urine in the bladder. During the test, it is found that the bladder holds a lot of residual urine then treatment is essential.  If a patient feels pain, burning, blood in urine or blood in urine with fever/chills or nausea/vomiting and back pain then immediate treatment becomes very essential.  People of age more than 50 are suggested to have their prostate checked yearly by their physician even though they have no symptoms.

PROSTATE cancer symptoms are such that it generally shows until the disease has reached its latter stages. Nature has provided many kinds of natural foods that could lower your risk of cancer by adding these foods to your diet. According to the NHS, Prostate cancer is very common cancer in men in the UK.  This disease develops slowly, so there may not be any signs of cancer for a long time. The risk of prostate cancer can be lowered by doing regular exercising and by maintaining body weight. Adding lycopene and calcium to the diet could lessen your risk of the deadly disease.

There is proof that a diet high in calcium is linked to the risk of developing prostate cancer, as per NHS. Some research has revealed that rate of prostate cancer is lower in men who include foods comprising certain nutrients which contains lycopene which is found in cooked tomatoes and other red fruit, and selenium found in brazil nuts.

Tomatoes( Slash Your Risk of Deadly Prostate Cancer)

Antioxidant lycopene are found in tomato insufficient amount. This nutrient helps to prevent prostate cancer and also reduces tumor growth in patients with the disease. The quality of Lycopene is that it decreases cell damage and slowed the cancer cell production. Since the lycopene is tightly bound to cell walls, the bodies may have difficulty in extracting it from raw tomatoes so cooked or mashed tomato foods may be better options.

Broccoli ( Slash Your Risk of Deadly Prostate Cancer)

In a study, it is mentioned that there is phytochemical sulforaphane in Broccoli which has properties to kill cancer cells. According to the National Cancer Institute, high consumption of this vegetable may help to protect from some diseases including some types of cancer.  However, more research on this facts is needed to confirm the link.

Soy ( Slash Your Risk of Deadly Prostate Cancer)

Some studies have claimed that the high composition of phytoestrogens in Soy prevents certain types of cancer – including prostate cancer. Beans, peanuts, and lentils contain phytoestrogens. Isoflavones are such phytoestrogen. It is said that they contain cancer-fighting properties and hence can suppress tumor growth in prostate cancer cells

Pomegranate ( Slash Your Risk of Deadly Prostate Cancer)

Pomegranates are full of antioxidants which target prostate cancer cells. For the chronic disease which is related to oxidative Pomegranates is a miracle fruit in preventing chronic diseases.


Brazil nuts ( Slash Your Risk of Deadly Prostate Cancer)

Brazil nuts contain selenium. This selenium is helpful in destroying prostate cancer cells. It is found in some research papers. The foods that are rich in selenium are tuna, beef, chicken, and spinach. According to National Cancer Institute “Selenium may also play a role in cancer,” A study in Animal and epidemiological studies says that there might be an inverse relationship between selenium supplementation and cancer risk.



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