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Rabies Prevention in Humans


Among the various disease Rabies is also a serious disease and so it should be considered seriously and should be treated in time without any delay.  Individuals and governments must take action to control and prevent. The strategy to treat or wipe out this disease the strategy should include

  • vaccinations of rabies for all pets and domestic animals in regular basis
  • import of animals from some countries should be banned or restricted
  • extensive immunizations of humans in some areas
  • Educational, information, and awareness in all parts of the area particularly in rural area.

Individual precautions (Prevention)

One should follow some safety rules to minimize the contracting of rabies.

  • Vaccinate pets and Protect small pets: keep those pets which cannot be vaccinated inside the house or, in a cage to prevent in contact with wild hunters.
  • Keep pets confined: confined your pet when at home and watch when outside.
  • Inform about strays to the local authorities: Contact concern responsible government agencies if you see animals roaming
  • Do not approach wild animals
  • Keep bats out of the home
  • People are encouraged to seek medical help after an encounter with a wild animal, even if they do not have bitten
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) have mention rabies  a “100-percent vaccine-preventable disease.” Almost all dogs in an area must be vaccinated to break the cycle of transmission.

Traveling (Prevention)

The occurrence of rabies differs widely in different nations. The nations without a feral dog, the rates are significantly lower.

Rabies is present in 150 countries and in all continents except Antarctica and the Arctic Such as the nation like New Zealand, Australia, Mauritius, and Seychelles. their natural isolation are the cause of this.

Africa and Asia are the continents where rabies is most common. India has the highest number of cases.

Animals Likely to carrying Rabies (Prevention)

Both domesticated and wild animals can transmit rabies. The most common animals that carry rabies to human are dogs and cattle.  These rabbits, cats, and dogs carry almost 90% of known cases with mules, horses, goats, sheep, and ferrets comprising the remaining cases. Among species in the wild that have a high prevalence of rabies are bats, rodents, and foxes.


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