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Panic attack symptoms cause and coping strategies

Panic attack symptoms cause and coping strategies

 Scared nature of Panic Attack(Panic attack symptoms cause coping strategies)

An attack can come to your body all of a sudden. It will kick to your body with high gear and this may occur when to walk down the street or do the washing. The attack could be so strong that it can make you wake up while you are in sound deep. There’s frequently no clear reason for your combination of symptoms. The attack could be so sudden and strong that you feel helpless and unable to move or think obviously. One could feel following symptoms when getting panic attack.

  1. Chest Tightness (Panic attack symptoms cause coping strategies)

A shock of adrenaline makes your heart racing or pounding or both could occur. The chest my heart and you may have difficulty in breathing.

  1. Choking (Panic attack symptoms cause coping strategies)

One may exhibit tighten of the throat and could have difficulty to swallow. One may think of going to throw up. This state of mind can make it tougher to catch your inhalation.

  1. Terror (Panic attack symptoms cause coping strategies)

. In case of a panic attack, one may have an overwhelming sense that something actually terrible is going to happen and or you may feel you are going to die despite the fact is that it is not true.

  1. Dizziness

Occasionally you can get lightheaded and will feel that whole room starts to spin or you may feel that you’re detached from your surroundings.

  1. Sweaty Palms

This sign of nervousness could also be one of the symptoms of a panic attack. There may happen that you may sweat in other places like you’re under arms. You could get chills or hot blazes as well.

  1. Trembling and Itchy

Due to a panic attack, there could be shaking of the whole body and the blood going to your heart and muscles, the fingers or toes can sting or go dazed.

  1. A headache

There could be a sudden headache and may go quickly. However, it does not necessary necessarily mean that you’re having a panic attack.

How Long Does It Last? (Panic attack symptoms cause coping strategies)

The panic attack generally hits all at once and peak s for about 10 minutes. Then gradually you start to feel better. It has been observed that Attacks seldom last more than an hour. It generally over in 20 to30 minutes.

Is It a Heart Attack? (Panic attack symptoms cause coping strategies)

The heart attack and panic attack symptoms usually could have similar symptoms are similar.  In both cases, one could have Chest pain, breathing problems, dizziness, sweating or feeling of losing control.  So someone has felt this or his a close family member has heart problems better to consult with concern experts just to be safe.

When to See a Doctor (Panic attack symptoms cause coping strategies)

 The regular panic attack will never be good for your health. In case of just one or two incidents of a panic attack, one should not worry about it, it will go away without other problems.  In case of regular incidence, it is of concerned matter, you should see your doctor. The doctor can figure out the reason for triggering your attacks and how to manage them. He may also want to rule out a heart condition called mitral valve prolapse.

Causes of a panic attack

Panic attacks are most frequently related to stress and incline to run in families as well. In some cases, a panic attack could have a physical reason too.  

  1. The thyroid gland makes too much hormone.
  2. Don’t have enough sugar in your blood.
  3. Your habit to drink too much, caffeine, or consuming stimulant drug like amphetamines or cocaine may cause the panic attack to you.
  4. A panic attack can have on a person who mistreats or withdraw you from drugs or alcohol.

 Coping strategies for a panic attack (Panic attack symptoms cause coping strategies)

If one is having frequent panic attacks then he has to take professional guidance who can do cognitive behavior therapy. The American Psychological Association says that cognitive behavior therapy can help to change your way of thinking so that you can trigger the situations more positively, understand your fears, and ultimately can face them. In some cases, relaxation techniques or anti-anxiety medications may be recommended. By avoiding toxic stress in the first place can calm people. The first step to tackle your panic attack is to understand what’s going on. One can manage their panic attack by giving attention to these things.

  1. Live with family and friends, do not live in isolation

Anxiety flourishes when you feel that you are alone.  In this situation, one should try to remain with their family and friends in person or through Phone or other media like internet and other. Considering joining social groups, like a book club or sports league can be fruitful to manage your trouble.

  1. Try to have a sound sleep

Aim to sleep for 7-9 hours. If one has trouble sleeping one can do following things like making the room cool, dark and quite i.e.  Keep good environment so that you can sleep.   

  1. Exercise

Exercises help to improve relaxation, breathing, and increase the number of neurotransmitters which boost mood and reduce worries.  Hence it is one of the things that is necessary for your health and helps in coping your panic attack. It is said that 30-minute exercise daily helps to remain stress-free. There no specified type of exercise you should do to avoid a panic attack. The Types of exercise in which your whole body have to move are better for avoiding panic attack such as walking, running, swimming and dancing.

  1. Avoid Cigarettes, Caffeine, and Alcohol

 Regular consumption of cigarettes, caffeine, and alcohols can cause panic attacks. Use of too many medications is also not good those who have the frequent panic attack. One should consult with their doctors before taking medicines.

  1. Practice Relaxation

 Consider doing those things that help you to remain relaxed. Meditation and yoga can help to release tension and stress. Train yourself to be at peace and centered. Deep, controlled breathing is useful to keep yourself calm when you feel on edge with attack symptoms coming on.

  1. Facing the Fear

  Never try to get away from the fear, face it. Try to recognize the thing that makes you disturb and try to find its possible solution. However, it is very easy to say but is very difficult to tackle.

Living in fear of issue and avoiding situations that may cause them will, unfortunately, create more of these situations.

  1. Seeing a Doctor

Never hesitate to consult with a doctor about your panic attack. Your doctor can help to get rid of your fear though it is not necessary that the doctor can cure your issue.

The Self-Sustaining Nature of Panic Disorder (Panic attack symptoms cause coping strategies)

Before coping with panic disorder, you must understand why it is so self-sustaining and what causes panic disorder to continue. The most common reasons that panic disorder is hard to treat are Hypersensitivity, Health Anxiety, Anxiety-Free Symptoms, Breathing Issues, Fear of Panic Attacks and Lack of Exercise


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