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High Uric Acid Symptoms, Causes, Remedies


High Uric Acid Symptoms, Causes, Remedies


High Uric Acid Symptoms, Causes, Remedies

Uric acid or hyperuricemia (in a medical term) is one of the diseases which is found in some people commonly. Uric acid is produced by food and cellular breakdown. It is filtered by the kidneys and is released through the urine. The excess uric acid is formed into solid crystals within the joints and it also is known as gout. High Uric Acid Symptoms, Causes, Remedies

Causes(High Uric Acid Symptoms, Causes, Remedies)

According to Mayo Clinic among the various cause of uric acid one of them is kidneys’ failure to sufficiently remove uric acid from the system. The overweight is also the cause of this since consumption of foods that increase uric acids, drinking alcohol, having diabetes, and taking certain diuretics (medications that promote diuresis or urination).

Other reasons that can increase uric acid levels in the blood are genetics, hypothyroidism, immunosuppressive medications, niacin, obesity, psoriasis, purine-rich diet, and tumor lysis syndrome, which are characterized by rapid cellular release into the blood due to cancer or chemotherapy.

Symptoms and signs(High Uric Acid Symptoms, Causes, Remedies)

Gout is high uric acid levels in the blood. The symptoms and signs of this are joint redness, swelling, and tenderness. People with this suffer from intense joint pain that is severe in the first 12 to 24 hours and continues for a few days to weeks. The joint pain may spread to other joints with time.

Home Remedies(High Uric Acid Symptoms, Causes, Remedies)

Anti-gout medications are available for gout and high uric acid levels.  There are some home remedies which are useful to get relief from the pain when applied and can be managed the condition.

  1. Acetum and juice (High Uric Acid Symptoms, Causes, Remedies)

Apple acetum and juice square measure each common remedies for varied body issues, like high acid.

According to prime ten Home Remedies, apple drink acts as a natural cleaner, because it will facilitate detoxify the body by removing waste product like acid. It contains malic acid, that helps in the acid break down and elimination.

To add, it aids in the restoration of acid balance within the body, additionally to its medicine and inhibitor properties.

To prepare, as per the publication, the person adds a teaspoon of raw, change integrity, and organic apple acetum to a glass of water. The mixture is consumed doubly or thrice every day.

The person may add up to 2 tablespoons of the vinegar to a glass of water. The remedy is often used till the acid levels decrease; but, it shouldn’t be taken over as a result of it’s going to scale back metallic element levels and interfere with the action of the water pill agents.

Conversely, juice yields AN alkali impact within the body, serving to neutralize the acid. As a citrus, lemon is additionally made in vitamin C that conjointly reduces acid levels within the body.

To prepare, the lemon is squeezed into a glass of heat water. The mixture is consumed in the morning on AN empty abdomen. The remedy is often finished many weeks.

  1. Avoid Purine-Rich Foods (High Uric Acid Symptoms, Causes, Remedies)

Another remedy for top acid is to avoid uptake foods made in purine since they’re going to additional increase the acid levels within the body. in keeping with Live robust, purine is found in most foods and that they break down, forming acid.

As per the publication, samples of purine-rich foods embody organ meat, sardines, herring, bacon, anchovies, and asparagus, among others.

High acid might result in the formation of crystals or gouty arthritis that is extremely painful to the joints. Together with home remedies which will be done, acid is often managed through medical consult for correct assessment, planning, evaluation, education, and implementation

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