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High blood presser medicine Side effects


High blood presser medicine Side effects


High blood presser medicine Side effects, Mostly common side effect of the high blood presser medicine is the swelling of the leg and it is said that this is not a complicated issue it is normal.

  1. What is blood presser? High blood presser medicine Side effects

Blood pressure (BP) is that the pressure exerted by circulating blood upon the walls of blood vessels. Once used while not any specification, “blood pressure” sometimes refers to the blood pressure within the circulation. Pressure is typically expressed in terms of the pulse (maximum) pressure over pulse (minimum) pressure and is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). It’s one in every of the very important signs together with rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation, and temperature. idle resting pulse (diastolic) pressure in an adult is just about one hundred twenty mmHg (80 mmHg), abbreviated “120/80 mmHg”. If the pressure wealth to 140/90 is think about as high pressure. Pressure varies counting on state of affairs, activity, and sickness states. it’s regulated by the nervous and endocrine systems. Pressure that’s low owing to a sickness state is named cardiovascular disease, and pressure that’s systematically high is high blood pressure. Each has several causes which might vary from gentle to severe. Each could also be of fast onset or of long period. Long run high blood pressure could be a risk issue for several diseases, together with heart condition, stroke and nephrosis. Long run high blood pressure is additional common than long run cardiovascular disease in Western countries. Long run high blood pressure typically goes undetected owing to infrequent observance and also the absence of symptoms.

Category Systolic , mmHg Diastolic, mmHg
Hypotension < 90 < 60
Desired 90–119 60–79
Prehypertension 120–139 80–89
Stage 1 hypertension 140–159 90–99
Stage 2 hypertension 160–179 100–109
Hypertensive urgency ≥ 180 ≥ 110
Isolated systolic hypertension ≥ 160 < 90


  1. Medicine used to control blood pressure,High blood presser medicine Side effects

 There are many types of medicines that are prescribed by the doctors to control the blood pressure. Among them are 1. Amlodipine 2. Losartan    3. Telmli sartan   4. Enarlprin  5.  Projicine   6. Atenolol 7.    Diuretic etc.

The swelling due to the use of blood presser medicine although happen all over the body but due to the gravity it exists only to the lower part of the body that is leg. This process of swelling is named as Edema. According to Dr. Omurti, this swelling varies from person to person and the dozes of medicine they uses.

Among the medicine that are used to control blood presser like amlodipine, losartan, telmli sartan, enlarprin, projecine, have side effect that causes swelling

Atenolol diuretic group of medicine did not cause swelling but the medicine mention above are more beneficial and effective. Atenolol diuretic group of medicine also have side effect but its side effects can be identified only by blood test. The patients could not visualize its side effect.

 Due to the issue of swelling people used to leave taking blood presser medicine and as a consequence blood presser did not control and later related health issues appear. Sometimes that medicine which has no side effect of swelling is unable to control the blood presser. Further according to Dr.Ommurti those medicines which persist swelling as a side effect are safe for heart and kidney and to some extent helps to solve the issue of heart and kidney. 

  1. How blood presser is control by the medicine? High blood presser medicine Side effects

Amlodipine, losartan group of medicine controls the blood presser by widening the blood vessel and due to this charter swelling of the body parts particularly leg appears. Whereas medicine like diuretics controls the blood presser by extracting salt water through urination and atenolol controls the presser by controlling the heart bit.  It is said that the medicine like diuretics and atenolol when used  for long time it effects on heart and kidney. To some patients of blood pressure even with the use of these three kinds of medicine their pressure does not come to control. This type of pressure is known as refractive hyper tension. Patients having this hypertension have to take this medicine having side effect of swelling.  These medicine although have swelling side effect on legs it protect their heart and kidney from high pressure. Those who have good condition of heart and kidney does not need to take the medicine of diuretic rather they are prescribed those medicine which has swelling side effect because it is less harmful and the swelling disappear once they leave that medicine.

  1. Who suffer more swelling? High blood presser medicine Side effects

                  1    .     People aged more than 40, woman and overweight people

              2   .    People taking more than one medicine to control blood presser.

  1. Those who have to work by standing or sitting for long period of time.

         4   .    Patients having diabetes, heart and kidney disease.

5   .  What to do when swelling occur High blood presser medicine Side effects

                     5.1.        Take your leg on pillow while sleeping

                   5.2.        Do not take your leg hanging for long time

                    5.3.        If you have to set for long time in working place take your lge in other chair.

                        5.4.        Do no wear tight sock

  1. Changes your Lifestyle High blood presser medicine Side effects

  2. nges your Lifestyle  To maintain your blood presser it has been proved that change in your life style helps much to keep the presser in control state no matter what type of presser you have either. Prehypertension or hypertension. In some case change in life style could lower your blood pressure or eliminate the requirement of medications to control your blood pressure.
  • Take healthy diet, concentrating on fruits and vegetables.  And, reduce the sodium in your diet.
  • Maintain weight.
  • Exercise. Do appropriate exercise, better to get training from experts.
  •  Limit alcohol you drink.
  • Leave smoking.
  • Be in normal state stress is not good for blood present patients.







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