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Health problems during pregnancy


Health problems during pregnancy


  1. Introduction

AS all know pregnancy brings much happiness to the feeling of a mother and father. They become very emotional thinking about their baby and forget all about their (particularly mother) problems that will come due to the pregnancy. A mother has to face many kinds of changes in their body such as irritation, discomfort and so on. The most common difficulties that a mother could have are Backache, Bleeding, Bleeding gums, Constipation, Cramp , Deep vein, thrombosis (DVT)   Faintness, Feeling hot, Headaches, High blood pressure and pre-eclampsia, Incontinence, Indigestion and heartburn, Itching Leaking nipples, Morning sickness and nausea, Nosebleeds, Urinating a lot, Pelvic pain Piles (hemorrhoids),Skin and hair,  Sleeplessness,  Stretch marks, Swollen ankles, feet, fingers, Teeth and gums, Tiredness, Vaginal discharge, Vaginal bleeding and Varicose veins

  1. Constipation 

There are hormonal changes in the body due to the pregnancy. Due to this one may get constipated from the early period of pregnancy. So to avoid this by the Consumption of high fiber foods such as whole meal breads , cereals, fruit ,vegetables, and pulses.

Light exercising regularly to keep your muscles fi.t

Intake lot of water.

As iron supplement make you constipated so avoid taking iron supplement.

  1. Cramp 

One may have cramp. These are sudden and sharp pain.it usually occur  in your calf muscles or feet. So to avoid cramp one should do gentle regular exercise in pregnancy. As cramps occur in ankle and legs it is better to perform these things.

Bend and stretch your foot up and down.

Rotate your foot 5 times one way and 5 times the other way

  1. . Feeling faint 

Due to the hormonal change in the body one may feel faint. This is due to not getting enough blood in your brain. It usually happen when you get up quickly from the chair, bath and laying on your back. To avoid this

Get up gently after sitting or lying down

If you feel faint while standing still then fine a seat and take rest

If it happen while lying on your back in this case turn on to your side.

The best way is that lie flat on your back and at the later period of pregnancy lie flat on your back


  1. Feeling hot

Due to pregnancy hormonal change occur and the supply of blood increases in the skin and due to this one may feel warmer than normal and could get more sweat.  To get rid of this it is suggested

To wear loose cloth made  up of fibers

Cool the room by using an electric fan

Wash regularly to feel fresh

  1. Incontinence

    One of the common problems during and after pregnancy is Incontinence. Sometimes Pregnant women are unable to avoid sudden spurt of urine or a small leak when they cough, laugh, sneeze, move suddenly and or just get up from a sitting position. It is temporary since the pelvic floor muscles relax slightly to get prepare for the baby’s delivery. Mostly incontinence is curable. If someone has a problem consults with your midwife, doctor or health visitor.

  2. Issues of urinating in pregnancy

Urinating problem ustart at the initial pregnancy and occasionally continuing all over pregnancy period. It is said that in later period of pregnancy the urination is the outcome of the baby head pressing on the bladder. To get rid of this issue to some extent cut drinking water at the late evening but one should take it for granted that you must take plenty of non-alcoholic, caffeine-free drinks during the day. In the other hand if there is pain in passing water or have blood in the urine there could be an infection which is very essential to be treated. In this case drink plenty of water to flush your urine and decrease pain. Contact your doctor immediately and have treatment.

  1. Skin and hair changes

Since in pregnancy there occurred hormonal change hence due to this there in around the nipple and around it darkens color will develop. There could be change in the color of the skin. It could be either patches or all over the body. The Birthmarks, moles and freckles could be darkening. In pregnancy some women could have dark line in the down middle portion of their stomach.  However after the baby birth it will vanish or faded but the nipple will remain darker. At the time of pregnancy you will feel burn more easily so better to protect yourself with sunscreen and avoid staying in sun light for long time. Your hair may grow and become greasier in pregnancy but it will fall after the baby birth.

  1. Varicose veins in pregnancy

The Varicose veins used to swollen.  Mainly the leg veins are commonly affected. In case of varicose veins you must

Avoid standing, siting crossed legs and taking too much weight since it increases the pressure

Try to sit with your legs up as much as possible.

Get some support to stand that will help your leg muscles.

Keep your leg at higher position then your rest of the body. One can use pillow under the ankles.

Do some feet exercise such as walking that will help your circulation?  The foot exercise can be done by bending and stretching for some minutes could be for 20-30 times.


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