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Facts About HIV, AIDS And Five Ways To Stay Positive


What is HIV?

It is a viral disease like flu and cold and HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) caused by the virus.  To know about HIV it is important to know what the virus is? A virus is a set of orders for making new viruses, it wrapped up in some fat, protein and sugar. HIV exhibits their activities through living cells. Whit ought living cell the virus can’t do anything so it is just like the brain with nobody. Hence to make more viruses or harm a virus infects the cell. HIV generally infects CD4 cells, which is also known as T cells, or T-helper cells. They are white blood cells that organize the immune system to fight disease. So when in the cell HIV begins to produce millions of little viruses, which ultimately kill the cell and then infect other cells. Hence the medications marketed to treat HIV work by interfering with this method.

What is AIDS? 

HIV causes AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). The HIV virus attacks the immune system which is the  “security force of the body.  It fights off infections. Once the immune system fails to fight with the infection the body loses the protection the body used to have many serious, sometimes deadly infections and cancers. This is known as “opportunistic infections (OIs)”. it is so called because the infection takes the advantage of the body’s weakened defenses. If someone says the person died of AIDS. It is not correct rather it is due to the opportunistic infections that cause death. AIDS is the condition that supports OIs to occur.

 The HIV Life Cycle



 To reproduce viruses it has to infect the cells of the body. technically Viruses are not alive rather They hijack our cells and use them to make new viruses. The process of happening this is that our body continuously makes a new skin and blood cells and all cells each makes new proteins to stay alive and reproduce. the Viruses used to hide their DNA in the DNA of the cell. Hence when the cell attempts to make its own proteins it coincidently makes new viruses as well. HIV can infect the cells in the body, but generally, it infects cells in the immune system. Once the cells are infected, the cell produces hundreds of new replicas of HIV. The immune cells contain proteins on their surface which is called CD4 receptors. the CD4 protein aids the virus to bind the cell. However, the chief target for HIV is a white blood cell (T4 lymphocyte, or “T helper cell”). The T4 cell warns the immune system about the presence of invaders. When HIV binds to an immune cell, it hides its DNA inside the cell’s DNA and so it turns the cell into a kind of HIV factory and hence it makes several copies of itself.  The life cycle of it is as follows.

 Step 1: Binding

The HIV has AN outer shell (envelope) of proteins, fats, and sugars. Inside, it carries its genes and special enzymes. Proteins on the surface of HIV (also known as receptors) are powerfully interested in and hook up with the CD4+ receptors on a T4 cell. once HIV binds to a CD4+ receptor, alternative proteins on the cell’s surface get activated, permitting HIV to fuse to and enter the cell. Entry into the cell may be blocked by a category of HIV meds known as entry inhibitors.

 Step 2: Reverse Transcription

HIV’s genes are RNA whereas the genes within human cells ar deoxyribonucleic acid. So, so as for the virus to infect the cell, a method is known as “reverse transcription” makes a deoxyribonucleic acid copy of the HIV’s RNA. this is often through with one among HIV’s enzymes known as polymerase. The new HIV deoxyribonucleic acid is additionally known as “proviral deoxyribonucleic acid.” Reverse transcription may be blocked by one category of HIV meds known as glycoside polymerase inhibitors (NRTIs) and another category known as non-nucleoside polymerase inhibitors (NNRTIs).

 Step 3: Integration

The new HIV deoxyribonucleic acid is then carried into the cell’s nucleus (center), wherever the cell’s deoxyribonucleic acid is unbroken. At now, another HIV accelerator known as integrase hides the HIV deoxyribonucleic acid into the cell’s deoxyribonucleic acid. Then, once the cell tries to form new proteins for itself, it accidentally makes new HIV. Integration may be blocked by a category of HIV meds known as integrase inhibitors.

 Step 4: Transcription

Once the HIV deoxyribonucleic acid is within the cell’s nucleus, it directs the cell to supply new HIV. Special enzymes can eventually produce new genetic material known as informational RNA or ribonucleic acid. (Think of this new RNA as directions for creating new HIV.) Transcription may be blocked by antisense antivirals or transcription inhibitors. However, these categories of medication are within the earliest stage of analysis and don’t seem to be officially approved.

 Step 5: Translation

Since ribonucleic acid carries directions for creating new microorganism proteins, every section of the ribonucleic acid relates to creating a unique a part of HIV. So, because the full strand of ribonucleic acid is processed, it gets remodeled or “translated” into all the microorganism proteins required to form a brand new virus.

 Step 6: microorganism Assembly and Maturation

The final step begins with the assembly of the latest virus. First, the long strings of proteins translated from the ribonucleic acid are then hacked into smaller proteins by the HIV accelerator known as an enzyme. These proteins become completely different components of HIV, like structural items (capsid, matrix, etc.) or enzymes (integrase, protease, etc.). Next, once all the new microorganism proteins get assembled, they enter through and bud off the host cell to form a brand new virus. The new HIV then takes it slow to mature, which might maintain to infect new cells. microorganism assembly may be blocked by a category of HIV meds known as enzyme inhibitors (PIs). Maturation is also blocked by victimization maturation inhibitors, though none are nevertheless office approved.

Five Ways to Stay Positive

Five Ways to Stay Positive


Five Ways to Stay Positive

    1. Exercise– This has been my life saver and a contributor to my overall healthiness. There’s one thing regarding aiming to the athletic facility and feeling nice once a physical exercise. I will truly feel the distinction after I don’t go, as I’m a lot of sluggish and certain to relinquish into dangerous habits. however, I’m absolutely aware that some might not take care of an athletic facility atmosphere or have access to one; plus the time. That’s valid. My recommendation would be to try and do one thing, although it’s walking around the block throughout your work lunch break, making your own athletic facility in your garage or basement; even taking the steps rather than the elevator. You’ll before long see the positive attributes of understanding.
    2. Eating Well – Eliminating unhealthy foods encompasses an association with each, however, you are feeling and any physical exercise routine one will. As folks eat healthily, their moods improve, or visa verse — and as their moods improve, they cut their risk in [*fr1] for a full host of ills, from cardiopathy to polygenic disorder, partly as a result of they’re a lot of actuated to require excellent care of themselves. sure foods contribute to one’s mood and unhealthy foods, like sugar and salty foods, will the alternative. This was laborious on behalf of me to at first adopt as I lived on a quick food diet. however, the shift in my area and mood came after I denied myself quick and food. I recommend anyone considering ever-changing their diet, begin eliminating one dangerous food/snack and introduce a healthy item a minimum of once a month. That method feels achievable. conjointly contemplate on-line meal trackers like Noom (noom.com), which might facilitate manage and ever-changing your diet.

    1. Friends- Having HIV, in some instances creates a way of unhappiness and loss of management. This, of course, results in depressive thoughts and one’s mood. after I felt this manner, rather than seeking out friends, I might do the alternative and isolate myself. I’m currently aware that it’s throughout those unhappy times I would like to surround myself with friends. Of course, it’s to be friends WHO are a part of your positive network. The worst factor to try and do is surround yourself with those who can solely cause you to feel worse. The secret’s to not cut yourself off. Isolation will do such a lot of injury on your positive self. though you will need to huddle in bed and pull the covers you’re your head, those are the days to attach with friends. Also, it’s to be aforementioned connecting online with friends can ne’er replace the face to face price.

  1. Journal- I even have to in person say that journaling my HIV, created a positive distinction in however I manage and stick out it. after I began to place my journey on paper, I ne’er knew I used to be making a roadmap which might later permit American state the chance to appear back and mirror on my progress. It conjointly provided American state the simplest way to unharness all that ‘stuff’ that was in my head, adding to my negative mood. This isn’t for everybody however if one will conceive to a journal, over time they’re going to see the positive attributes it creates. You’ll be stunned what comes out and in an exceedingly therapeutic method, writing our own story creates a way of authorization.
  2. Volunteer- typically the act of doing for others, encompasses thanks to creating one feel smart. There are several opportunities to relinquish back, particularly to HIV-related services and programs. no matter you choose to try and do, simply understand that your reward is going to be satisfying, not solely to others however conjointly yourself.


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