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Types of diets


Types of diets


Diets vary from person to person. While defining the diets one should understand what actually diet meaning. There could be several idea regarding diet. Generally when someone says diet it refers to food that consumed by the human or organism. Diets are generally refers to the use of nutrition intake for the betterment of health such as maintaining their weight, to remain healthy and fit. Further when someone says diet it generally defines those foods which are low in calories example of this is Diet Soda. Diets are also referring to food and drink which people consume daily for their physical and mental condition . However it also includes relationship with their family, nature, bodies, community and the world. Diet choices,  very much related to other human beings and other life systems on this planet, so healthy decisions have great impact.

Diets classification

 Diets are classified into several groups. One could fine this several book and articles. Here is some of the diets group are Fruits and berries  Greens Vegetables Legumes   Nuts Tubers Grains Beef Pork Poultry Fish Seafood Eggs Dairy Ethanol

 According to the methods of consumption diets are classified as Omnivorous, Carnivorous, Lacto-ova-vegetarian, Vegan, Macrobiotic, Raw Foods, Natural Hygiene, Fruitarian, Fasting, Weight Reduction and Warrior’s. Basically these are the two ways through which one can define the diets and can elaborate the benefit of diet foods and also one can classified the people in terms of food consumption.

Omnivorous dietes


This is the class people who consume both animal and vegetable foods. Many findings have shown that most of the people in the world are omnivorous. As people who are omnivorous consume both animal and vegetable food it is easy to balance since there are no limitations.

Lacto-ova-vegetarian dietes


  Diets should contain protein; minerals and other constitute which are very essential for the health point of view. As in this type of diets both vegetable as well as the animals product such as egg, dairy products like milk. With the combination of vegetable and dairy product one could get sufficient amount of nutrient and calories. Carbohydrates and fats acts as fuel in the body that is it makes muscles active here as protein builds the tissue to grow. So diets of this category is very beneficial to the people  and particularly to the children.    

Vegan p

In this type of food people purely consume only vegitable products. Here  even dairy products are not consumed by the people. People take only fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts, and seeds. The habit of taking this type of food is not suggested by the heath workers. Especially for the children this type of food is not recommended.

Macrobiotic dietes


These are entirely cooked food. It is like vegan diet. This diet contains protein and nutrient. This type of diet contains about 50-60% of whole cereal grains like brown rice, whole oats, millet, barley, corn, wheat berries, rye, and buckwheat.

Raw Foods

It is interesting and very healthy or healing who have congestive maladies. Primarily it consists of uncooked whole foods. This type of food is eaten in their uncooked state and is mostly nutritious state. The sun’s energy, water, and nutrients from the earth refresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and seeds. Developed beans and seeds are frequently a very nutritious constituent of the diet.


Natural Hygiene diet

Natural Hygiene

It is an ancient system of a uncooked foods diet supported by cleansing the colon and occasional fasting.


 This type of diet comprises a large amount of polished foods. These foods frequently have additives and preservatives.  



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