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Clue of Heart Disease symptoms


Clue of Heart Disease symptoms


Heart disease defines the conditions that affect the heart.  Heart Diseases include blood vessel diseases like coronary artery disease, heart rhythm problems (arrhythmia) and heart defects you are born with. The Heart disease is also term as cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is usually refers to the conditions where narrowed or blocked blood vessels which led to  heart attack, chest pain or stroke.  The symptoms are seen in the body when it be heart attack and the symptoms are describe as below.

Sleep Apnea(Heart disease)

heart to work harder

Our brain could not get enough oxygen when breathe heavily

Our brain could not get enough oxygen when breathe heavily is wrecked up by pauses in the breathing.  This delivers signal to the blood vessel and heart to work harder to maintain the blood flow be normal. High blood presser, abnormal heart rhythms, strokes, and heart failure rises by this process. The sleep apnea is treatable.

Bumpy Rash (Yellow Orange)

fats in the blood

High level of triglyceride makes skin break

High level of triglyceride makes skin break out around the knuckles of the fingers and toes and on the bottom. These fats in the blood play vital role in hardening arteries. This high numbers are generally related to other conditions that put at the risk for heart disease and strokes.

Poor Grip Strength(Heart disease)


condition of the heart

The pam strength of the hand

The Pam strength of the hand reflects the condition of the heart. The research conducted indicates that the ability to squeeze something properly with strength indicates the heart fitness and so the low risk of heart disease.  In case if someone feels hard to grasp an object one could have problem in heart. However it is not always necessary that he or she have problem in heart.

Dark Spot under Nails(Heart disease)

the lining of the heart or valves

The blood trapped the nail

The blood trapped the nail could be an indication of infection in the lining of the heart or valves.  A diabetes patient may get blood specks are also in higher risk of heart disease and strokes. In this case it is better to contact with the concern endocarditis.


pumping enough blood

problem in pumping enough blood

A heart patient usually have problem in pumping enough blood to the brain. So he or she may have Lightheadedness and it is a direct result of something wrong with the heart. Dizziness might be a symptom of an abnormal rhythm. Heart failure makes unsteady since it this case muscles becomes weak.  Woozy is one of the symptoms of a heart attack.

Skin Color Changes


poor circulation of oxygen

change in skin color

The change in skin color blue or gray in fingers and toes could be an indication of  poor circulation of oxygen rich blood.  It is generally due to a heart defect one born with or narrowed or blocked blood vessels.





Bleeding Gums


gums indicates trouble with the ticker

Bleeding, swollen, or tender gums indicates trouble with the ticker. There is a theory that bacteria from the gums gets into the bloodstream and sets off inflammation in the heart.  so gum disease may lead to tooth loss and may raise the chances of stroke.




Dark Velvety Skin Patches

Skin Patches

Dark Velvety Skin Patches

The dark patches in the skin with thick, velvety texture are the sign of acanthosis nigricans. Commonly overweight person have dark skin, diabetes or prediabetes symptoms. The most common cause for acanthosis nigricans is excess insulin in the bloodstream.  This Acanthosis nigricans is a skin pigmentation disorder. In this case the affected areas of skin might itch or have an odor. The patches appears in the body part of  armpits, groin, neck, elbows, knees, knuckles, lips, palms and soles of the feet. The Acanthosis nigricans could be a sign of a serious health problem, such as prediabetes.  These probles may have some releation with heart so it is better to consult with the doctor for the treatment and diagnosis.

Trouble Breathing


short of breath

When someone has short of breath, it can be the symptom of heart failure, abnormal heart rhythm, or heart attack and may have chest pain.  Call the doctor your doctor for the immediate treatment.

Swelling in Lower Legs



Swelling in Lower Legs

During pregnancy and or sitting or standing for long time in a position swelling in lower leg portion happens. In case of heart failure and poor circulation of blood in leg the Fluid buildup can stem. The Swollen legs could from a clot which may be blocking the return of blood from your lower limbs to your heart.


Heart failure

tired and drained

Heart failure can make tired and drained. Because the muscle no longer pumps well enough to meet body required. If so look other symptoms like coughing and swelling.  Feeling wiped out and weak can be the warning sign of different conditions including anemia, cancer, or depression.


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