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Breast cancer


Breast cancer



Breast cancer Majorly the breast which is made up of fat, tissue and tiny glands called lobules, which produce milk. When a baby come mother deliver milk through the nipple via a tiny tube is called ducts. This makes her capable to breastfeed. It is well known that the body is made up of billions of tiny cells. The cells grow and extend in orderly manner. As per the requirement of the body new cells are produced. When cancer happens the   orderly process of cell growth goes abnormal and cells begin to breed and multiply overpoweringly.

Symptoms of breast cancer

The symptoms of Brest cancer are numerous. Among the noticeable symptom is a lump or the area of thickened breast tissue. However it is not necessary that all Brest lumps are cancerous. If this seen it is better to be careful and should go for check. If someone has following change in their Brest, go to the doctor and have some medical check. Mammography or a biopsy is the process through which it is identified

  1.                     1. change in the size or shape of the breasts
  2. discharge from either of your nipples 
  3. appearance of a lump or swelling in your armpits
  4. When skin of your breasts dimpling.
  5. rash on or around the nipple
  6. when appearance of your nipple changes, e.g. sunken into your breast

Types of breast cancer

There are various types of breast cancer that can develop in any parts of the breast. It is often categorized into non-invasive and invasive.

Non-invasive breast cancer

 This type of cancer is also known as carcinoma in situ. It is found in the ducts of the breast and has not ability to spread outside the breast. This typ of cancer is detected by

Mammogram. Generally non-invasive cancer is ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).

Invasive breast cancer

 This type of cancer is serious one than that of Noninvasive  since Invasive type of cancer is  capable to spread even outside the breast. It has been found that general form of it is invasive ductal breast cancer. This developed in the cells that line the breast ducts.

Other types of breast cancer

Other less common types  are

  1. Invasive lobular breast cancer,
  2. Inflammatory breast cancer
  3.      Piaget’s disease of the breast.


The breast cancer also spread to other parts of the body generally through the lymph nodes or through the bloodstream. These are known as secondary or metastatic. 

Breast cancer screening

Wrest cancer are detected in their earlier stage there is good chance of recovery. Mammographic screening is the best method of detecting an early breast lesion. Sometimes mammogram may fail to detect some breast cancers. In this case  extra tests and interventions, including surgery. Women with higher risk of developing breast cancer could be offered screening and genetic testing. Age factor also plays important role in the existence of cancer in woman so a woman of age more than 50 are suggested to have Brest cancer screening every three to four years.  

Treating breast cancer

In case of Brest cancer detection in the earlier stage there is treatments available to stop spreading in other parts of the body. The treatment of Brest cancer includes a amalgamation of

  1.  Surgery,
  2.  Chemotherapy
  3.  radiotherapy.

The first and foremost treatment of breast cancer is the Surgery then after  is , followed by chemotherapy or radiotherapy. In some hormone or biological treatments are done.

However the type of surgery depends on the type of cancer the patients have.  It is the concern doctor who could decide the type of surgery.

Preventing breast cancer

 It has been found that the exact cause of cancer cannot be fully understood and it is also not possible to know either it is possible to preventable or not. So if someone is at great risk there is some treatment to reduce the risk provided they should be in close contact with their doctor. Finally it is regular exercise that is suggested for the woman having Brest cancer. It is also recommended to have a healthy weight, exercise regularly with the low consumption of saturated fat and liquor. Controlling the overweight or obese  is required since these cause more estrogen to produce and consequence is that it can increase the risk of breast cancer.



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