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Brain Cancer


Brain Cancer


  1. Introduction

Initially the brain cancer is develops from the cells within the head. The Portion of the central nervous system (CNS) The brain which controls the  important functions of the body, such as  speeches, movements, thoughts, feelings, memories,  the vision, hearing and so on. The brain tumors are categorized by the type of cell or tissue that the tumor affects and the location and grade of the tumor. The Tumor cells travel to some distances within the brain however it does not travel outside of the brain. Once the cancer develops in another place in the body and spreads (metastasizes) to the brain it is called secondary brain tumor or metastatic brain cancer. The Metastatic brain tumors are very common than primary brain tumors. There are some cancers which are commonly spread to the brain such as  lung cancer, colon cancer , kidney cancer and breast cancers

How brain cancer develops

The combination of brain and spinal cord makes up the central nervous system (CNS). Cancer can begin in the CNS and most commonly it could spread there. Primarily brain tumors are the tumors that form from cells within the brain. It is not necessary that all primary brain tumors are the same.  The Primary brain tumors are categorized into malignant or benign tumors.

2.1.        Benign primary brain tumors

It is not a cancerous tumor and grows slowly. Though it is not cancerous but is very capable to damage normal brain tissue and can cause serious problem to the human health.

2.1. Malignant brain tumors

This is very aggressive type of tumor. It grows very and spread fast and causes quick damage. The Metastatic brain tumors spread (metastasize) to the brain from a different location in the body which could be from the lung, the colon, the breast or from the kidney. It has been observed that the Metastatic brain tumors are common than the primary brain tumors.

  1. Types of brain cancer

The cancer types are named after the cell from which it is originally developed. According to the National Brain Tumor Society more than 120 different types of brain tumors are identified. Commonly the primary brain tumors are called gliomas as they grow from in the glial tissue.

  1. Different neurological cancers

Except the brain most cancers can increase in or spread to other regions of the vital anxious system like spinal cord or column or the peripheral nerves. Cancer that which develops in the spinal twine or its adjacent structures is called spinal cancer. Typically tumors of the spine are of metastatic kind tumors which spread to the backbone from any other region inside the frame.

  1. Symptoms of Brain cancer

Signs of brain most cancers depend on several factors, consisting of the tumor kind, size, place and extent, as well as age, fitness records and more. a few commonplace symptoms of mind most cancers encompass headache, weak spot, numbness, nausea, vomiting or seizures. The symptoms can be subtle or increase regularly.

5.1.        Complications:  A sizeable alternate within the frequency and intensity of complications can also indicate a brain tumor.

5.2.        Imaginative and prescient modifications: A tumor on or near the optical nerve ought to reason blurred or double vision. other styles of mind tumors can also reason unusual eye actions or adjustments in vision, depending on the scale and region of the tumor.

5.3.        Loss of motor ability: A mind tumor can have an effect on positive regions of the mind accountable for motor capabilities, like stability, coordination or movement. weak spot of facial muscles might also end result from a tumor in the cranial nerves.

5.4.        Nausea and/or vomiting: those signs and symptoms, especially early in the morning and unrelated to different situations may imply a mind tumor.

5.5.        Seizures: The onset of recent seizures or convulsions can be the end result of a tumor forming inside the brain.

5.6.        Speech issues: some brain tumors can purpose difficulty with speech.

5.7.        Cognitive troubles: A brain tumor can effect cognitive abilties and result in reminiscence troubles, negative concentration, confusion, trouble wondering genuinely or processing facts, and language problems.

5.8.        Weak spot or numbness: some brain tumors cause weakness on one aspect of the body or different Para neoplastic syndromes, like peripheral neuropathy (numbness or tingling in the fingers and toes).

5.9.        Trade in persona: The mind is responsible for many features. Occasionally a tumor at the front a part of the mind can cause slow modifications in conduct, personality and wondering.

5.10.     Hormonal disorders: The pituitary gland, positioned at the bottom of the brain, is essential to the manufacturing and law of hormones. Tumors within this vicinity may affect the hormones, ensuing in signs much like certain endocrine problems.

  1. Brain cancer risk factors

6.1.        Gender: there is no popular rule that covers all mind cancers. Sure cancers, like meningioma’s, are twice as likely to increase in girls. Medulloblastomas are greater often observed in adult males.

6.2.        Age: In popular, the frequency of brain cancer will increase with age, with greater occurrences in people age 65 and older. The age issue varies relying at the cell type and area of the tumor. Adults have a totally low risk of emerging the medulloblastomas, while gliomas are maximum not unusual in adults. The occurrence of meningioma’s and craniopharyngiomas are a long way greater common in adults over age 50, but once more, these tumors may occur at any age.

6.3.        Compromised immune gadget: some human beings with compromised immune structures have an increased risk of growing lymphomas of the brain

6.4.        Genetic links: circle of relatives history may also have an effect on the likelihood of growing certain illnesses. Von Hippel-Lindau ailment, Li-Fraumeni syndrome, and Neurofibromatosis (NF1 and NF2) are inherited conditions that have been observed in households with a history of uncommon mind tumors. in any other case, there may be little proof that mind cancer runs in households.

6.5.        Chemical exposure: publicity to positive industrial chemicals or solvents has been linked to an improved danger in growing mind cancer. Although it isn’t conclusive, there is proof that there’s a better occurrence of positive kinds of mind tumors in those who work in oil refining, rubber production and drug manufacturing.

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