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Appendix in the human body


Appendix in the human body



Appendix extends from the interior end of the large intestine cecum.  And  is a narrow pouch of tissue. It resembles like a worm inspired.  This is also named as vermiform (worm-like). In human body it is located in the right iliac region of the abdomen. Its size is about four inches long and approximately a quarter of inch in breadth. it is made of an inner layer of mucous with subcompact, muscular and is serosa layers surrounding. It contains numerous masses of lymphoid tissue. Lymphoid tissue plays a role in the immune system in addition to the digestive system.

 Appendix function

It is said that the appendix is not an important organ of the body however  in medical researchers the function of this is  still debate its precise function in the human  bodies. There are different hypothesis regarding the function of this.

  1. It is the useless remnant of a larger cecum. This larger cecum has been used by vegetarian ancestors to digest cellulose from plants.  And hence believers of this hypothesis said that that the appendix does not serves any purpose for us.
  2. It acts as a storage part for beneficial bacteria in times of sickness. Beneficial bacteria in the appendix might survive and is being flushed out of the large intestine through diarrhea. The believers of this hypothesis suggest that appendix help a person to recover rapidly from illness by allowing the bacteria to re-colonize the intestines after the illness. So based on these two hypothesis we could elaborate the function and important of appendix in the human body.


 Generally the doctors remove an appendix if it becomes irritated and the doctor’s removes even a healthy appendix during abdominal surgeries like hysterectomy. According to doctors the it is susceptible to bacterial infections that lead to appendicitis. A fairly common and dangerous inflammation of the it.  The signs of appendicitis are pain and sensitivity near the navel which often grow abruptly and spread downward into the lower right abdomen. The pain may grow severely within few hours and the pain becomes so severe it may be impossible to get relaxed or to move without pain.

Appendix impact

in case of appendix a phenomenon naming rebound tenderness occur where a pressure appear to the area which causes pain and it becomes more sharp when the pressure releases however it does not happen always. More common symptoms are nausea, vomiting and fever. Sensitivity and increasing pain in the right abdomen. It noticeable enough to cause considerable uneasiness in movement. It requires medical attention to make diagnosis so that one could get necessary treatment.  When the appendicitis is not treated in time  it  lead to the rupture of the appendix.

A serious health emergency wherein fecal matter leaks out of the cecum. When left untreated the bacteria-laden fecal matter blowouts all over the abdominal cavity.  And the bacteria begin to abstract the peritoneum that lines the cavity. The peritoneum is known as peritonitis which causes infection and irritation. This is very severely painful and possibly fatal consequence of appendicitis. so the treatment of appendicitis is important when one get sick from this


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